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Sheenboro is a municipality in the Outaouais region, part of the Pontiac Regional County Municipality, Quebec, Canada. Its territory stretches along the north shore of the Ottawa River between Chichester and Rapides-des-Joachims and bounded to the north by the unorganized territory of Lac Nigaut. The territory of the municipality covers a surface area of 571 sq. kms.

Notable lakes within the municipality include Dufoe, Esher, Manny, McCool, McGillivray, Oiseau, Lackey Lakes, Sheen, McDonald, Trout, Tremblay, and Greer Lakes. These are only a few of the many lakes on our territory.

Because of its Irish heritage, Sheenboro retained the character of being a Little Corner of Ireland, primarily dependent on farming and logging. It is also a popular location for tourism, swelling its summer population up to 800. The Fort William Trading Post, established in 1823, the factor's house and original mission church is a historical site. It is also home to a sacred Algonquin burial ground.

Please explore our website and come to visit Sheenboro to explore the Village, the Ottawa River, Oiseau Rock and the Oiseau Walking Trail, the Nature Preserve, and Fort William. Please visit the Sheenboro web site often for important information regarding municipal affairs.

The Council and community of Sheenboro look forward to your visit.

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